2/14/2018 7:25:04 AM

A toned down Outdoor Smoke Free by-law got approved at Town Hall.

This bylaw puts a stop to smoking in public places like the beach, parks, and other public areas but the consequences have been tonned down substantially from what was originally proposed.

Community Health Program Manager Michelle Lyne says they took our elected officials concerns into consideration and have reduced many of the steep punishments that were originally drafted.

    Originally, if you smoked at a park you could get banned for up to a year, but that ban has been removed with an emphasis on warnings and education.

You also are not allowed to smoke on any public beaches, with private beach owners able to request that the county enforce this no smoking rule on their portion of the beach if they wish but they will not otherwise.

There was some debate Tuesday night as to how County workers could fine smokers on provinicial beaches but staff assured our elected officials this is something that they are legally in the right to do.

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