2/12/2018 7:22:05 AM

The Norfolk OPP is taking this time to encourage young people and their families to make a report if they are being victimized online.

"The Ontario Provincial Police are working diligently to protect children in our communities, but police cannot be everywhere at once," OPP Commissioner Vince Hawkes stated in a written statement on Tuesday.

"It is important for parents to be proactive and speak with their kids about their experience online and potential safety concerns, such a cyber-bullying, and privacy."

OPP Constable Jamie Stanley says safer internet safety starts with mom and dad.

He says the same rules parents teach kids about walking to and from school should apply to the online world as well.

    Stanley adds that in this ever-increasing technology filled world we live in, the earlier you talk to your kids about using the internet safely, the better.

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