2/9/2018 7:29:54 AM

84 percent of adult residents in Haldimand and Norfolk drink alcohol.

This is just one of the stats released in a recent communication item sent to the Board of Health by the Haldimand Norfolk Health Unit.

In the document, it goes into detail about how much alcohol we drink and shows we are slightly above the provincial average on almost all fronts.

For example, in Ontario, there is an average of around 17 alcohol outlets for ever 10,000 people aged 15 or older -- our area has 20 stores for the same density.

There are currently 59 licensed establishments in Haldimand County, and 114 in Norfolk County, including wineries, breweries, and distilleries but these numbers do not capture alcohol retail outlets such as The Beer Store and The LCBO.

We also have more heavy drinkers and non-heavy drinkers than the province by two percentage points at 19 and 58 percent.

28 percent of-of males and 20 percent of women also say they drink more than the recommended guidelines.

A full list of the breakdown can be found on the Board of Health Agenda online.

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(Photo credit: Eat Right Ontario)     People in Haldimand-Norfolk enjoy their booze

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