4/19/2017 7:41:05 AM

After hours of deliberation, a jury has found Johan Theissen guilty for possession for the purpose of trafficking cocaine and meth.

Last Thursday, Johan's wife Anna was acquitted of all charges as there was not a direct link to Anna and the drugs inside the house or two cousins who later plead guilty to trafficking them.

Abraham and Franz Klassen both pleaded guilty to smuggling drugs into Norfolk County from Mexico after Project Greymouth, an undercover police investigation, caught the two in the act.

The Klassen's were known to frequent the Theissen's home and when a search was conducted drugs were found hidden deep in a crawl space.

Both Theissen's claim they had no idea this was going on, with Johan's defense arguing that both Johan and Anna were out of the house for long hours at work, asking their friend Abraham to stop by and take care of their dog during the week.

This would have given him plenty of time to plant these drugs without their knowledge.

The prosecution's Jamie Pereira argued the Abraham would be taking a huge gamble storing drugs at a home that was listed for sale without the homeowner's knowledge.

The central piece of evidence linking Johan to the Klassen's was a series of text messages sent to Abraham's wife on the day of the search warrant.

In the texts, Johan asked if it was "true" and to get it out of the house.

Johan, when taking the stand, said the question of whether it was true was meant to ask "if it is true drugs are in my house, " and if it was they need to "Get it out of there."

Pereira disagreed, saying he believed the question of is it "true" was regarding a pending a search of the Theissen home and telling her to get it out proved they knew about the drugs.

His reasoning is throughout the whole text, and drugs are never mentioned which means "get it out of the house" would seem odd if the two had not both known about the drugs before.

Johan's sentencing will take place on a later date.

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