3/20/2017 5:21:13 AM

Minimum Maintenance Standards.
Three words that mean very little to the average Joe but means a lot to Norfolk County staff.
With the snow last week, staff was fielding calls from residents about plows bypassing their roads even though they saw nearby roads getting plowed.
Likewise, throughout the year they get calls about road conditions as they see other roads receiving repairs but not theirs.
Lee Robinson, GM of Public Works, says this is not County staff ignoring anyone or choosing one neighbourhood or another - it's Minimum Maintenance Standards.
These are provincial and municipal standards to classify each road within Norfolk on a scale from one to six.
Queensway in Simcoe would be labeled a level one while a dirt road in the county would be labeled a six.
So when the snow fell last week level one roads go plowed, then level two, and so forth with plows needing to backtrack to level one roads on occasion to keep up with standards.
This could mean level four roads in some less traveled subdivision would likely see a delay.
The same goes for potholes with level one roads being allowed so many potholes per meter with that number increasing as you go down the levels.
Staff hopes this informs the public that they are not simply picking and choosing, but there is a reason behind their decisions that is provincially and municipally mandated.

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